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Let Hume Supply lend you a hand.  From houses to multi story buildings, our demolition services are covered from start to finish so you don’t have to call multiple companies to get one job done.

Removing an old building?


After demolition, our crew will safely haul away all debris from your site. Concrete and brick are taken to a recycling location, and all other materials are transported to a licensed dump site.

Ensure your building's remnants are disposed of safely.

- Building demolition

- Debris removal and recycling

- Land restoration

- Rebuilding

- Crane services

Rebuilding or restoring? Either way, Hume Supply can help you out!

If you are planning to rebuild on the demolition site, our crew can assist you with the construction process. Otherwise, dirt can be brought to your property to level and restore it.

Your one-stop solution

Rebuild or restore

Planning to create a building for your future commercial or institutional endeavor? Call Hume Supply today at 419-991-5751 for a FREE estimate. We also offer excavating services, as well as concrete and metal building.

Professional and reliable services

Call 419-991-5751 for your free estimate!

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