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Dear PPD,


This product will enhance your outcome. We have used Single Seal/Freeze Protect for over four years. We've sprayed Single Seal on hundreds of thousands of square feet of steel- troweled concrete that was poured between December and February in Ohio.


One project (our first experience with Single Seal/Freeze Protect) was a 10,000 square-foot steel -troweled floor, and we poured it in late December. Due to permit issues, the building was not erected until two months after the slab was poured. We sprayed Single Seal/Freeze Protect on it and never put insulating blankets on it. The average temperature was 28 degrees Fahrenheit during that time period and there was no spalling or popping on the entire slab.


It has been over four years since, and the slab looks as good as it did the day we poured it. Our insulated concrete blankets are now a thing of the past. We use Single Seal/Freeze Protect to protect all our flatwork from the unpredictable Ohio winters. What I have seen Single Seal/Freeze Protect do is impressive!


A Letter from Matt Menke, Menke Bros, Constuction...



"The results were quite remarkable!"

-- Owner, Mark IV Construction



"I love this stuff!"

-- Laborer, Washington Stone



"I love this sealer! Water beads up and its exactly what i wanted!"

-- Dmitri K.



"I can treat as soon as concrete is placed. I don't have to make a trip back to seal the job-- that's a winner!"

-- Foreman, Mystic Foundations



"It makes perfect sense. No more wasted time installing and retrieving blankets."

-- Controller, Coyote Concrete



" All of my questions have been addressed by David. I took his advice on finishing the concrete patch work, and, so far, so good. I want to thank you personally for your help with my little "project". Small businesses like yourself that are both knowledgable and helpful are


an absolute pleasure with whom to deal. Thanks again!" -- Contractor, Michigan



"We have used this product on several projects where the homeowner has concerns over the damp spots where the new concrete has not fully cured. Rather than asking the homeowner to give it the proper time to cure, we have your product. The dampness goes away quickly and the homeowner is happy.


Great product! We will continue to use Single Seal-Freeze Protect and tell others about it."


-- Contractor, West Virginia



"Your product is everything it is portrayed to be. It went on easily with a garden sprayer, sealed the entire floor to the point that water moved like beads of mercury. Amazing. We were careful with the prep, since it was an eight year old floor and had spots on it of ? - mostly coolant, oil, etc. We used a steam cleaner on all spots with vinegar water to assist. All spots sealed perfectly. We waited 24 hours as a precaution before moving machinery, but rollers, sliding, etc. all went easily and left no marks. We are pleased and impressed..."


~ Amelia L., New Mexico



A Letter From Kevin Phair, Sunridge Terrace Maintenance...


I am blown away by the effectiveness of Single Seal Freeze Protect. We applied this product to every breezeway, walkway, and staircase in a brand-new 216-unit apartment complex in Happy Valley, OR.


The trick to our situation was we had residents already living in the units so we needed a fast-drying, yet still effective sealant. Single Seal Freeze Protect met the expectations and then some! The application process was simple - more simple than any other concrete sealer I have ever tried. The dry time was about 30 minutes in 76 degree (F) weather and about an hour in 65 degrees. We had foot traffic in 2 hours and rain in 18 but the sealant held up and is still holding strong! The product is so effective it even repels itself if you accidentally try and reapply in an area.


Within the first couple of weeks a resident let their dog pee in the breezeway. It all just beaded up and stood there until I found it and dried it up about 2 hours later. Disgusting story, I know, but it shows how wonderful this product is! Unlike other sealants, Single Seal Freeze Protect does not make the surface slippery when wet, so we confidently applied to every stair tread in the complex.


Honestly I am waiting for something to go wrong with the product, but it keeps proving itself to be the most effective concrete sealant every single day